fentanyl ntd san francisco
Updated: November 15, 2022

California Today Show Hosts Confidential Recovery CEO to Discuss Fentanyl Overdose Rates in SF

The "California Today" show on the Bay Area-based NTD channel did a special about the alarming death rate of fentanyl, which has drastically eclipsed that of COVID-19. They brought Scott H. Silverman on oi find out why it is happening and what can be done. Silverman stresses that awareness about the dangers and prevalence of fentanyl needs to be greatly increased so that the accidental overdoses can stop happening. Scott said television appearances are a good starting point but of course treatment for those affected by a substance use disorder (SUD) needs to be made much more widely available. At his San Diego outpatient rehab called Confidential Recovery, Scott and his staff work with all kinds of the recovering individuals. Scott is currently also launching a new nonprofit called the Veterans Navigation Center which will focus on veteran aid in recovery. Watch the entire segment here.



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