Rebecca Sounds Reveille
Updated: April 20, 2020

Confidential CEO Scott Silverman visit Rebecca Sounds Reveille Podcast

Overcoming Drug Abuse and Where to Get Help

This episode is one that will hit home with the lives of many. It will hit home with the lives of those who are currently using alcohol or other forms of self-medicating chemicals to anesthetize the feelings from some different events that have happened in their lives.

It will perk up the ears of those who are close to a friend or loved one who is using or beginning to use a substance(s) and their lives are taking changing… not for the better. Expert Guest, Scott H. Silverman, the founder and president of “Second Chance,” a non-profit human services agency. He has become quite notable and has been named one of CNN’s “Heroes” for his work with the homeless and ex-offender populations, along with receiving numerous awards recognizing his leadership and dedication to community improvement, including the Henrietta Rubenstein Community Award.

Listen to "Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Scott H. Silverman" on Spreaker.



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