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Updated: July 30, 2020

Equine Therapy Helps Our Clients

Are you interested in being able to do something you believe you cannot do? Many of us feel that way about being able to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs. Would you believe that a horse can help you go from thinking you can’t to believing you can?

Equine therapy helps our clients feel less stressed, strengthen their recovery, and find hope for their future. Since horses are innately in-tune with the feelings of people around them, this can be used to establish emotional coping techniques and is one of the main goals that make equine therapy so helpful to our clients.

Meet Jake LeClair, Recovery Coach and Equine Therapy Facilitator

Recovery Coach Jake LeClair offers equine therapy to our clients at Confidential Recovery. Jake’s story of going from cocaine to cowboy demonstrates that recovery is possible.

Today, he is thriving beyond his wildest dreams - yet it hasn't always been this way. For over ten years Jake struggled to find inner peace through substance abuse, which eventually led him to develop a substance use disorder.

Once he had had enough of the hangovers and emptiness, he found recovery required prioritizing his sobriety before anything - including relationships or money. With 33 years of experience around horses himself, Jake now helps our clients find their balance amidst the chaos of their life and this has given Jake a sense of purpose. The alchemy he offers with his trusted horses wouldn't be possible if Jake hadn't been through the 'school of hard knocks' himself.

Personalized Outpatient Treatment at Confidential Recovery

Establishing a suitable plan for addiction treatment needs to be customized to each person. Not
everyone will respond to the same plan of recovery. Keeping programs malleable and options
plentiful is important in establishing a recovery path.

Equine therapy is just one of these options at Confidential Recovery. Since it is integrated into our client’s overall treatment plans, the work you do with the horses enhances the rest of your programming.

More About Equine Therapy

Equine therapy comes with unique benefits that set it apart from other forms of mental health and addiction treatment.

If you feel you are struggling with substance use and want to gain a foothold to no longer struggle and begin to live free of your challenges, the horses will help you find peace from the noise and pressures of life. You will learn to apply the lessons learned from your time with the horses to the rest of your life in order to be more present and peaceful regardless of where you go and what you face.

Equine therapy is a lot more than petting horses. There is a purposeful reason for choosing certain horses to do this work, and equine therapy is skillfully practiced at Confidential Recovery. Equine therapy uses horses as a stand-in for teaching many life skills. While it requires physical action and movement, the rewards include being in tune with one’s own emotions and body language. This therapy can even be used to build trust, helping to restore damaged family connections.

Built on evidence-based recovery coaching models that are integrated into the equine activities, people find themselves feeling more hopeful and clear about their life without needing to use substances any longer.

Through working with the horses, our clients can develop more resilient, competent, and confident lives. While challenging, we have a code of kindness and 'challenge by choice' in this program, letting each person decide what level of involvement they choose to engage in with the horses.

Hear Jake LeClair on Scott H. Silverman's Happy Hour Podcast

Hear Recovery Coach Jake share his story of experience, strength, and hope on Scott's podcast.

For More Information

For more information about equine therapy and anything else about treatment at our center, call 619-452-1200.



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