August 16, 2022
Confidential CEO on KUSI San Diego Warns that 80% of Drugs May Contain Fentanyl

SAN DIEGO – Fentanyl continues to come to San Diego in the form of fake prescription pills, street marijuana, and other illicit drugs like cocaine. […]

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August 3, 2022
Confidential CEO Discusses Fentanyl and Opioids on America Trends

Scott H. Silverman discussed fentanyl and the opioid crisis on America Trends earlier this month. In talking with Mary Burke Godwin, Scott discussed how the […]

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July 30, 2022
Confidential CEO on KUSI to Discuss Fatal Fentanyl Overdose by U.S. Veteran

Scott H. Silverman made an appearance on KUSI San Diego's Good Evening San Diego show to discuss the dangers of fentanyl and it's effects on […]

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July 19, 2022
Scott H. Silverman on KUSI to Discuss Fentanyl - A Deadly Poison

Scott H. Silverman recently appeared on KUSI San Diego news to discuss one of our most pressing public health crises - fentanyl overdose. Fentanyl is […]

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June 17, 2022
How To Promote Addiction Prevention In A Party Culture

Last April, Scott H. Silverman had the pleasure of being a guest on America Trends to discuss alcohol addiction. April is alcohol awareness month, and […]

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June 17, 2022
Confidential Recovery CEO Appears on KUSI Good Morning San Diego to Discuss Fentanyl

Scott made another guest appearance on the KUSI News morning show “Good Morning San Diego” to discuss the dangers of fentanyl. Notably, he explained that […]

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May 5, 2022
Confidential CEO Speaks with FOX23 Tulsa About Substance Abuse Among Teens

As the FOX23 website says, "Fox 23 talks to expert about substance abuse among teens." Scott discussed the insidious nature of fentanyl's potency and how 80% […]

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May 1, 2022
Channel 8 News Tampa Hosts Confidential Recovery CEO for Advice of Drug Using Family Members

In a segment entitled, "How To Talk To Friends, Family And Children About Substance Abuse," Channel 8 news in Tampa Florida hosted Scott H. Silverman recently […]

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April 17, 2022
San Diego News Station KUSI Features Confidential CEO in Segment on Fentanyl

Thanks to the widespread availability of fentanyl, the overdose rate more than doubled in 2020, and went up 20% again in the first half of […]

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February 7, 2022
Party Drugs are Laced with Fentanyl Says Confidential Recovery CEO on KUSI San Diego

SAN DIEGO – More frequently, party drugs are being disguised and laced with fentanyl. Confidential Recovery's CEO Scott H Silverman joined KUSI’s Jason Austell on […]

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