Updated: July 20, 2021

Confidential CEO Scott H. Silverman on KUSI to Discuss Historic One-Year Opioid Abuse Increase

Last year amid the pandemic, opioid-related deaths rose to a record 93,000. This historic increase was the result of the 'perfect storm' of:

  • Deadly fentanyl
  • Overprescribing of opiates
  • Isolated opioid-abusers who couldn't get help.

Scott recently joined KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez on Good Morning San Diego to discuss the ongoing opioid crisis and what we can do about it.  The trend is not just happening in San Diego, but all over the nation. Watch the entire segment here.


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About Confidential and Scott H. Silverman: Scott has been fighting  against addiction for over 20 years, one person, speech, and book at a time.  Contact us by calling (619)452-1200 or visit Your Crisis Coach to learn more about Scott's work and public appearances.  You can buy a copy of his latest book "The Opioid Epidemic" here.



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