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How A Family Intervention Works

"An intervention is not about how to control the substance user; it is about how to let go of believing you can." - Scott H. Silverman

An intervention is an educational process where the interventionist organizes the affected loved ones with the ultimate goal of getting someone with a substance use disorder (SUD) to accept treatment. Asking for an intervention can seem scary, but you will experience great relief as soon as you make the call and start talking with Scott, Jay, or one of our trained counselors. Intervention services are geared to help families heal and forgive, not to be shamed or made to feel guilty.

Scott has been dedicated to helping save people from the grasp of addiction for over 37 years. He really understands addiction and how it affects far more people than the substance user alone.

The Family’s Recovery is Also Important

All parties affected by the actions of the substance abuser will benefit and find great growth during and after the intervention.While every situation is unique, many families and substance users fall into familiar patterns. The substance user is the conductor of chaos and the family reacts by forming unhealthy, counterproductive family roles.

The longer a family and person with an SUD try to solve the problem on their own, the more complicated the situation becomes. Allowing Scott to help you reset expectations and take a different approach can help the entire family achieve healthy change.

Consulting With the Extended and Close Friends on Addiction

During the drug intervention program, Scott will interview all affected parties to help address two problems:

  1. The substance user’s problem with drugs or alcohol.
  2. Parts of the family system that are operating in a counterproductive way

This process may involve friends and family members of the addicted person.

Scott will then plan and stage the intervention, guiding loved ones through the entire process from start to finish. Ultimately, when professional interventionists are involved, the chances of a successful intervention are increased.

What Is an Interventionist?

An interventionist is a professional individual trained to prepare and facilitate an intervention in a way that provides for the greatest chance for success. The interventionist helps choose the people who should be involved in the intervention and facilitates the actual intervention, even arranging for an escort of the individual to treatment should they agree to get help.

Contact Confidential For Help with an Intervention

Confidential Recovery can help facilitate an intervention, or connect you with a party who is a good fit for your situation. Families may need to find an interventionist who specializes in a particular area. For example, if their loved one has a history of violence or suicidal tendencies, it’s important to find an interventionist who has experience in these areas. Other interventionists may specialize in those suffering from co-occurring disorders, such as addiction and another mental health disorder.

Regardless of your specific information, we can help! Call us today at (619) 452–1200.