What We Provide


Up front verification of insurance benefits, an explanation of the benefits and any additional costs associated with receiving treatment at our facility.


Over the phone to ensure you or your loved one are appropriate for the program.

Comprehensive Intake Assessment

Comprehensive Intake Assessment not only for addiction, but other potential underlying behavioral health issues.


Our curriculum is designed to ensure clients receive education in key aspects of addiction treatment and recovery.

Treatment Time Frames

Research has shown that the longer a person is actively engaged in treatment, the better their chances at maintaining long term sobriety.

Flexible Scheduling

We provide both daytime and nighttime programs so clients can find time for Confidential Recovery around work, school, and other obligations in their everyday schedule.


Collaboration with your current doctors, therapists, pastoral counselors and family (with appropriate consents signed and documented).

Portable Breathalyzer

Portable breathilizers that help clients maintain their sobriety. Ability to participate our Soberlink Monitoring program for those challenged by alcohol addiction.

Compliance Testing

Compliance testing that helps to instill self discipline.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

We provide and support MAT, a treatment that has been proven to increase the chances of addiction recovery. 

Trauma-Informed Program

Our treatment includes a deep look into the role that past trauma can have on an individual's battle with addiction. With PTSD in mind, we cater our treatment to build emotion regulation skills through evidence-based methods such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Seeking Safety, Mindfulness Meditation and EMDR.

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