Telehealth Remote Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Access to remote treatment via cell phones, computers, tablet, or other device is a way for someone to get the benefit of based sobriety support system. It is also a means for those who have not previously pursued treatment to begin the process.

Substance use disorders are impacting our whole community. Getting online to get access to treatment has never been easier. Why sit at home and continued to drink and use when you can sit at home and get help with those issues?

The virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Confidential Recovery varies in frequency based on clinical recommendations.

Our intensive outpatient program is an ideal option as a follow-up to residential treatment, also known as inpatient care. Telehealth/remote outpatient rehab can be especially effective for patients who have a stable home life as well as for those who are experiencing alcohol or drug addiction treatment for the first time. Patients can transition to lower intensity regimens as clinical milestones are met.

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, contact us or call (619) 452–1200 today and a recovery expert will help you in find the best residential or outpatient addiction treatment program to fit your needs.

What is Telehealth Addiction Treatment?

Telehealth, also called tele-med, remote treatment, or "virtual treatment," uses web-based tools to provide care "remotely."

Is Telehealth Addiction Treatment Effective?

Results from a systematic review of 22 articles conducted in three regions (the United States, the European Union and Australia) indicate that telehealth counseling sessions reduced alcohol consumption.  Several of the studies suggest that telehealth could be associated with improved treatment retention when compared to participants having to travel for in-person treatment.

A study by Huskamp et al. (2018) concluded that remote/telehealth mental health counseling was effective and should be more widely practiced.

Other common outcomes included reduced depression, increased patient satisfaction, increase in accessibility, increased quality of life and decreased cost. Interventions included mobile health, electronic health, telephone and two-way video.

One upside to the recent pandemic is that facilities like ours are much more adept at and better equipped to offer telehealth drug and alcohol counseling.

Telehealth and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Telehealth allows patients with opioid use disorder to stay in treatment and receive counseling to further their recovery. Through enhanced convenience, reduced travel time and cost savings, telehealth offers additional benefits for patients, physicians and the greater health care system

Three pilot projects have demonstrated the clinical potential for prescribing buprenorphine via telehealth.

  • An initiative in Maryland provided buprenorphine to more than 300 rural Marylanders. A chart review showed that 59% of patients remained in treatment after three months and 94 percent of those patients still engaged in treatment at three months no longer used opiate drugs illegally.
  • In a West Virginia pilot study,  a review of two years of clinic records revealed no significant statistical difference between face-to-face and telemedicine buprenorphine MAT programs across three outcomes: additional substance use, average time to achieve 30 and 90 consecutive days of abstinence and treatment retention rates at 90 and 365 days.
  • An Ontario, Canada, study demonstrated that one year of MAT therapy via telehealth was strongly correlated with improved physical and mental health and reduced illicit drug use, relapse, hospitalization, mortality and illegal activity.

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, contact us or call (619) 452–1200 today and a recovery expert will help you in find the best residential or outpatient addiction treatment program to fit your needs.

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Located in San Diego, Confidential Recovery's outpatient rehab center provides convenient access—both weekdays and weeknights— to world-class alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Programs at our outpatient addiction treatment center in San Diego are made up by the most effective and 'state-of-the-art' evidence-based practices. Because Confidential Recovery has reasonable rates for 'out of pocket' patients and also accepts many health insurance plans, our expert care and clinical services are within reach for many  people who need addiction counseling and related alcohol and drug rehab services.

Confidential Recovery is a great option for continued treatment and support after discharging from a residential addiction program. Confidential Recovery can also a perfect beginning for those clients who are “higher-functioning” and don’t wish to do residential treatment, are trying sober living, private therapy, working, or have parenting responsibilities.

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