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Fentanyl addiction can spiral out of control quickly, putting your health and life at risk. This dangerous opioid is 50-100 times more potent than morphine and small amounts can lead to overdose. At Confidential Recovery, we understand the challenges of overcoming fentanyl addiction and provide targeted treatment services to support long-term recovery.

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Fentanyl has been in the news a lot lately, but few truly understand how deadly this hyper-potent opioid is. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioids, which technically can be legally prescribed, but the vast majority of fentanyl being used today is illicitly created in China or locally, and sold on the dark web or the street to opioid and opiate (heroin) of users.

The rash of fentanyl overdoses and deaths are mainly the result of illegal fentanyl, which is created illicitly and often mixed with other opioids (or benzodiazepines, cocaine, etc) to increase the euphoria.

Fentanyl is addictive and the main culprit in the overdose epidemic that is killing 300 people a day in our country. Luckily, the addiction treatment process has improved constantly for over 50 years, allowing many people with addictions to regain control of their lives.

Of particular note is the relatively recent addition of medication assisted in (MAT).  Medication assisted treatment allows newly sober individuals to take drugs like Suboxone (or Subutex, or Sublocade) to reduce cravings and withdrawals. These medications have a huge impact on those who use them correctly, and combine it with behavioral treatment (like counseling and therapy).

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is incredibly powerful that was designed to be used in the treatment of severe pain, such as advanced cancer pain, or after invasive surgeries. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, and illegally made fentanyl is often mixed with heroin to increase its effect, which is possibly why street fentanyl is responsible for the majority of overdoses and deaths in the United States.

The Impacts of Fentanyl Addiction

An addiction of any sort can negatively affect a person’s life, but opioid addiction frequently causes accidental overdose. Fentanyl addiction results in the user prioritizing their need to maintain that feeling of euphoria over everything else in their life, including their professional responsibilities, their loved ones and even their own well-being.

During active addiction, the withdrawal symptoms from fentanyl will take effect within a few hours, and can be overwhelming causing the user to seek more fentanyl to ease the pain. As tolerance builds, more of the drug might be required for the same euphoria.

Why Wait When Rehab is Widely Available?

We have a saying, “Fentanyl: not even once.” In the case of other drugs, like alcohol and cocaine, users are often abandoned by their codependent  support system (ie family) that enables the use, and they “hit bottom.” The problem with this approach in the case of fentanyl and other opioids is that every single use can lead to overdose.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Works

Fentanyl addiction, like many other opioid addictions, is treated successfully every day in this country. Millions of people live happy lives in recovery after undergoing residential and outpatient treatment.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Fentanyl Addiction

in recent years, the highest success rates in the history of addiction treatment have been achieved by patients who undergo a curated combinations of medication and therapy. The medication is buprenorphine, which is more commonly referred to by brand names Suboxone, Subutex, or Sublocade.  Buprenorphine is prescribed by doctors in controlled doses. This is to mimic the effects of the opioid to lessen the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

These medications help the body taper off from the fentanyl, while behavioral therapies — such as cognitive behavioral therapy, and twelve-step support groups provide the groundwork for behavioral change by helping addicted individuals modify their attitudes and ways of thinking about drug use to focus on creating and maintaining healthy life skills.

Fentanyl Detox in San Diego

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, contact us or call (619) 452–1200 today and a recovery expert will help you in find the best residential or outpatient addiction treatment program to fit your needs.

Fentanyl detox is the first step to recovering from fentanyl addiction, and Confidential Recovery can  help you or your loved one get in touch with a safe and effective detoxification center for fentanyl.

Drug Rehabilitation for Fentanyl Addiction

As stated above, the best ways to reinforce sobriety after rehabilitation is to make changes in your life and world view — that’s the treatment goal of Confidential Recovery.

At Confidential Recovery, we understand the difficulty that comes with quitting the use of opioids like fentanyl. Our staff of exceptional addiction specialists will integrate evidence-based therapeutic processes so that you or your loved one will have the tools to transition to a drug – free life.

Helping A Loved One Get Treatment For Fentanyl Addiction

Realizing that someone you care about is grappling with an addiction to Fentanyl can trigger a variety of emotions and feelings, including anger, fear, worry, and sadness. Call Scott today at 619-993-2738 to speak with San Diego’s leading interventionist, who specializes in helping families break free from addiction.

Contact the Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Experts in San Diego

If you or a loved one are struggling with fentanyl addiction, contact us or call (619) 452–1200 today and a recovery expert will help you in find the best residential or outpatient addiction treatment program to fit your needs.

Located in San Diego, Confidential Recovery's outpatient rehab center provides convenient access—both weekdays and weeknights— to world-class alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Programs at our outpatient addiction treatment center in San Diego are made up by the most effective and 'state-of-the-art' evidence-based practices. Because Confidential Recovery has reasonable rates for 'out of pocket' patients and also accepts many health insurance plans, our expert care and clinical services are within reach for many  people who need addiction counseling and related alcohol and drug rehab services.

Confidential Recovery is a great option for continued treatment and support after discharging from a residential addiction program. Confidential Recovery can also a perfect beginning for those clients who are “higher-functioning” and don’t wish to do residential treatment, are trying sober living, private therapy, working, or have parenting responsibilities.

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