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“Confidential Recovery taught me how to get sober and stay clean from all mind altering substances. The staff was incredibly kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I learned about the disease of addiction and how it affects the brain. After 13 years of abusing substances, I was finally able to understand my thoughts and actions related to drugs and alcohol. I am now able to live a happy life with endless possibilities.”

“After suffering from almost a decade of alcoholism, I was fortunate enough to have finally found and be accepted into Confidential Recovery’s program. The initial intensity of the focus on my recovery, and the three times a week meetings were essential for those critical starting weeks of my recovery. The team of people at CR know what it takes, and will keep you honest (via testing) while being supportive of the journey to a life of sobriety. With them I learned a lot about my myself, the illness itself and ways to help me stay on track. I would say if nothing else has worked, then give them a call since they will help you find a way out to a much better life. You don’t have to do it alone.”

“I have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for over 40 years. I have been in 5 inpatient rehabs, one lasting 1 year. Confidential Recovery is the first intensive outpatient facility that has really helped address my traumas and fears of abandonment. Through the use of individual, group, CBT, DBT, yoga and EMDR therapies I have been successful in staying sober while going off medication for misdiagnosed bipolar. CR has been instrumental in showing me that I can also attend support meetings, stay at my job and raise my family while attending 9 hours/week at treatment. The therapists, the clinical director along with Scott Silverman have been there every step of the way. Never have I felt alone. Addiction, for me, has been a way of life. Now I no longer crave or want to be a part of the cycle of insanity that kept me from finding out who I really am. CR is a place where hope and empathy live in full bloom. It is safe. I highly recommend Confidential Recovery to anyone struggling with addiction who would be willing to jump in and discover the underlying causes of why one uses. There is no pushing of a spiritual journey, you set your own schedule that fits your ability to get healthy. CR has definitely been a dream come true for me and helped me to make good choices for myself. I’m grateful to be alive.

*All testimonials are anonymous to protect the confidentiality of our clients.

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