Opioid discussion on American Trends
Updated: March 14, 2023

Confidential CEO Discusses the Opioid Epidemic and Legislation on America Trends

Scott H. Silverman discussed the ongoing opioid crisis on America Trends earlier this month.  Scott and the show host Mary Burke Godwin, discussed the Modernizing Opioid Treatment Act, which, according to the government's press release, “The Modernizing Opioid Treatment Access Act represents a thoughtful expansion of access to a life-saving, effective medication for many Americans with opioid use disorder.”

Scott discussed harm reduction measures like prescribing methadone, and the flood of illegal opioids that are coming into Australia and the United States.  According to Scott, there needs to be more emphasis on prevention and education before people become addicted to opioids like fentanyl, because the overdose epidemic robs us of the chance to treat many of the victims of opioid addiction.

Watch the segment here: America Trends.



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