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Confidential CEO on Joseph Arthur's Technicolor Dreamcast

Scott H. Silverman has been fighting the good fight against addiction for over 20 years, one person, speech, and one book at a time. He has been recognized by CNN as a hero for his work educating people and spreading awareness and compassion about this epidemic.

You can watch/and or listen here:

More about Joseph Arthur: Whether it is music, art, wellness and now speaking – Joseph Arthur is always creating. From rocking stages across North America with Peter Buck of R.E.M. to laying paint on a canvas in his quiet New York studio, Arthur’s ability to tap into his wellspring of self-expression has been both admirable and colorful, as he continuously challenges himself to explore the deepest artistic corners. Now he again is inviting you along on the ride – venturing off into the world of podcasting with the launch of his ‘Technicolor Dreamcast.’ 



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Scott H. Silverman
CEO / Founder
Scott found himself "hitting bottom" in 1984 and accepted that he needed help for his problem and pursued treatment and long-term recovery. After pursuing his own recovery, Scott dedicated his life to helping others who struggle with the same mental health and addiction issues that caused him so much pain. Scott has made an indelible mark on the lives of many in San Diego. He has been on KUSI dozens of times to raise awareness about the dangers that we face, and to speak a message of recovery.