Updated: November 15, 2022

Confidential Recovery CEO Says San Diego is Too Slow to Address Fentanyl Crisis on KUSI

On Monday's episode of Good Morning San Diego, after the all-too-familiar stories of young people overdosing, Confidential Recovery CEO Scott H. Silverman appeared on KUSI to discuss the discouraging epidemic of fentanyl overdoses. San Diego has been hit hard by the synthetic opioid. Many people who are overdosing are taking another illegally manufactured drug, in which the fentanyl is mixed.

Scott H. Silverman discussed his frustration with the lack of action, while acknowledging the difficulties that San Diego legislators face. If given a "magic wand" to address the issue, Scott stated he would treat the fentanyl overdose epidemic as a health crisis, and recommend lots of tangible uses of the available funds - like naloxone (a.k.a Narcan).

Scott has historically campaigned to reduce the stigma of having a substance use disorder and provide opportunities to those whom are affected seek help.

You can watch the entire KUSI appearance here.



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