fentanyl san diego bust
Updated: March 3, 2023

KUSI Has Confidential CEO to Discuss Fentanyl and Massive San Clemente Drug Bust

KUSI talked about the massive drug bust in San Clemente this week wherein 232 pounds of fentanyl were seized, which is enough to kill five million people!  This bust marked the third major fentanyl bust by Border Patrol between ports of entry this month. According to Scott H. Silverman, the DEA only captures 10% of the drugs that enter the country.

The segment began with a stirring segment by Derek Maltz, former DEA agent, asking the president to declare a state of emergency because there are "chemical substances all over our streets" he says it is "not a red or a blue issue, but a red white and blue issue."

Fentanyl use has made opioids into the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 18 and 45. San Diego has seen a 25% increase in fentanyl deaths over the last 5 years.

Scott joined KUSI to talk about the crisis, he reminded the viewers that fentanyl is poison, and is a weapon of mass destruction, and he thinks the cartels are acting
like it's a fire sale to get as much across the border before the U.S. takes stronger action.

Scott says, "We are losing 600 a day to overdose, and it's only going up. most accidental overdoses are for people taking Xanax Percocet or an oxy [like oxycontin or oxymorphone] that is laced with fentanyl." Scott went on to warn that 92% of illicit drugs have fentanyl in them, hence the saying "One pill can kill." Also, an increasing amount of street drugs have the drug xylazine mixed in, which is known as "tranq dope."

Scott went on to say that the solution is education and prevention. Scott, a parent himself, knows the challenges parents face and he urges parents to work with schools, influencers, and whomever they can to impart the message that "before you put that pill in your body, it could be a death sentence."

Watch the entire segment here: https://www.kusi.com/drug-bust-in-san-clemente-uncovers-enough-fentanyl-to-kill-five-million-people/.




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