Updated: July 11, 2021

Confidential CEO Scott H. Silverman Recognized as a 'Conversation Starter' by The Californian

"San Diego county has seen a significant increase in overdoses. According to the County Office of Communications, there were 457 fentanyl-related overdose deaths alone in 2020 across San Diego county, a 202% increase from 151 recorded deaths in 2019."

These are the kinds of insights that caused The East County Californian to write an article about Scott's efforts to educate and save lives.

“The prescription meds kids are taking, mixed with other toxins— the body doesn’t have the capacity for those combinations. There’s no science around that yet, there’s no longitudinal study for Lexapro with methamphetamine."

The article also talks about Scott's new book The Opioid Epidemic, which he says is “a roadmap for families to have conversations, build awareness." He wants people to be aware that

"young people can take something that looks like Xanax, a prescription-strength sedative thinking they are going to feel mellowed out for a few hours. Instead, he said, a pill that looks like Xanax might be laced with Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that can be deadly when consumed with alcohol and is a major contributor to the opioid overdose rate."

Read the entire article on The East County Californian here.


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About Confidential and Scott H. Silverman: Scott has been fighting  against addiction for over 20 years, one person, speech, and book at a time.  Contact us by calling (619)452-1200 or visit Your Crisis Coach to learn more about Scott's work and public appearances.  You can buy a copy of his latest book "The Opioid Epidemic" here.



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