Updated: June 19, 2021

Scott H. Silverman 5 Part Special on The Opioid Epidemic on "Coffee With Jon"

Listen to Jon Dwoskin's five-part interview series with Scott H. Silverman,  author of The Opioid Epidemic: What You Don’t Know Will Destroy Your Family and Your Life.

Scott goes in depth on the opioid epidemic, how it is affecting us, and most importantly, what we can do about it

The segments include:

  • What to Look (and Listen) For
  • Engaging in the Conversation
  • Approaching the Subject in the Workplace
  • The Community's Responsibility
  • When to Ask for Help

Listen to the entire series here. Jon Dwoskin's popular "Coffee with Jon" podcast highlights information and insights from this highly influential business coach, mentor, executive coach, author, and speaker.


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About Confidential and Scott H. Silverman: Scott has been fighting  against addiction for over 20 years, one person, speech, and book at a time.  Contact us by calling (619)452-1200 or visit Your Crisis Coach to learn more about Scott's work and public appearances.  You can buy a copy of his latest book "The Opioid Epidemic" here.



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