Updated: September 9, 2020

Recovery Month Hero: Dr. Charlie Nelson

In honor of Recovery Month, we are recognizing Dr. Charlie Nelson.

Scott has this to say about Charlie Nelson: "If you call Charlie for help, he will find a way. If he can't help you with your problem, he will connect you with someone who will."

Dr. Charlie Nelson has over 45 years of experience in the mental health field including working with some well-known television shows.

Charlie helps individuals, couples, and families and has been recognized by other professionals for being a warm, ethical, and practical therapist. He's both a Psychologist & Marriage and a Family Therapist. Having practiced since 1973, Charlie is incredibly skillful at navigating interpersonal relationships. He published the first book with the word 'codependency' in the title and is frequently referred clients by other clinicians to help with codependency, marriage, and co-parenting issues.

In honor of Recovery Month 2020, we wanted to recognize Dr. Charlie Nelson for his dedication and excellence at helping people recover.

To read Dr. Nelson's profile on Psychology Today and contact him, click here.

Listen to Charlie on Scott H. Silverman's happy hour podcast below:



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