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Updated: September 26, 2019

Scott Silverman Featured in District 3 Representative's Recovery Newsletter

Kristin Gaspar is the District 3 representative on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in California.  She is a vocal recovery advocate. Here i s what her latest newsletter had to say about Scott.

Grit, Passion and Purpose

The depths of darkness as an addict are hard to understand unless one has lived it. During my time as a County Supervisor, I have met some extraordinary people who not only lived it but came out of it with grit and a purpose. In honor of National Recovery Month, I want to introduce you to Tommy, Jennifer, Dave and Scott; heroes with hope.

"Unlicensed Pharmacist" Turned Coach

Southern Comfort. It's the first drink Scott Silverman ever had. He was 14 and remembers it clearly.

Scott and Kristen on the Set at KUSI

Scott and Kristen on the Set at KUSI

When he was 16 he started smoking marijuana and it wasn't long before he moved on to meth, hallucinogens and cocaine and referred to himself as an "unlicensed pharmacist". Scott's heavy drinking, drug abuse and hard partying wasn't recreational; it was his way of life. He felt invincible. Until he hit the proverbial brick wall when he was 30. When his attempt to take his own life didn't work, he went into rehab. Scott took an interest in real estate and lost everything in the savings and loan scandal in the 1980's. Seeing this as an opportunity to reinvent himself, Scott started a non-profit employment and reentry program for San Diegans who wanted to change their lives and ran it for 18 years. He has since written a book, become a crisis coach and started a treatment center called Confidential Recovery. Scott is also the Executive Director of Safe Homes Coalition, a non-profit I partnered with to reduce the amount of expired, unused opioids and prescription drugs sitting in medicine cabinets around the county. Our local statistics show that these drugs are getting into the hands of young people who often transition to heroin and then sadly, spiral out of control with the worst ending imaginable. At Scott has some valuable information to keep your family safe as well as a list of prescription drug drop off locations around San Diego County. (Drop off locations) If you see Scott, please congratulate him on his 35 years of sobriety!

It's these success stories that inspire me to continue to advocate for solutions that are driven by you, San Diegans with lived experience, grit, passion in your hearts to help others see their value... and purpose



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